July Update from MOTM

Greetings Brothers, Sisters, family and Friends,
Before I give an update report on the happenings at Moment of Truth Ministries in July, I would like to share a follow up on lasts months message.  I personally received the single largest response of any of the messages that I have sent out over the past almost nine years.  If you didn’t get a chance to read last month’s message, we have attached a link to it here.
I attempted to be transparent by sharing some day to day challenges while reminding each of us as followers of Jesus Christ that HE never promised us it would be easy.  HE does however, guarantee us it will be worth it!  Also, I shared a message of an “Exit Strategy” .  This is what caused the greatest response to last month’s message and the responses were all over the map.  Here are just a few!  “Great message, thanks for the encouragement!”  Another was, “Where are you exiting to?  Or, “Is your health ok?”  “Are youdiscouraged?”  Maybe my favorite is one which came in from a long term buddy who responded “Dude, you need to do something else!
So, let me say for the record, Lord willing, neither I nor Moment of Truth Ministries are going anywhere soon.  My doctor charges me a couple of hundred dollars each year to tell me I am pretty healthy, but need to lose a few pounds and Dude, if you only knew how good GOD has been to me and how fulfilling HE has made my life, I couldn’t possibly do something else!  My joy and my peace has not wavered!  Now, on to this month’s updates.
THANK YOU to those of you who have been obedient to God’s call to support this ministry financially.  Especially those of you who have been there consistently for several years now.  Last month I mentioned that we had currently received support to cover just under 50% of our year to date operating budget.  Your response has brought the Kingdom investment in Moment of Truth Ministries to 91% of our year to date expenses.  I am not one to often mention finances because as a successful businessman for almost 30 years, I have been expected to pick up the tab in most cases.  My wife, Robin and I are blessed to be donors to this great ministry, however, God made it clear to me early on when I decided to join HIM in HIS business that if I tried to be the ”Plan B” every time money was needed, then HE would break me in half. 
THANK YOU to those of you who have donated your gently used Furniture, clothes, lawn equipment, household goods and furnishings to Kingdom Works Community Store.  We continue to use these items and the resources from the sale of these items to provide employment for some really special ladies (God’s Princesses) but most of all, as “bait” to fish for Souls”"!
THANK YOU to the mission teams who have come to “The Hood” this Summer to love on and serve our local community.  This particular ministry is so special to me because it reminds me of my first trip to the inner city when I came in my own arrogance to see how I could help, yet I returned as the one who received help!  I was especially touched when we had a local youth group visiting from the north side of town and we were empting an efficiency that consisted of a small room, a tiny kitchen and a basic bathroom.  This was home for two months for a family of six!  Due to a domestic issue, the family had to leave quickly, leaving behind most of their belongings.  The upper middle class high school and middle school students were amazed how someone could leave clothing even in the bath tub.  That was until they were informed that two of the kids slept in the the tub.  I suspect some of these students may have returned home “helped” too!
THANK YOU for those of you who have participated in the “House Raising” project where we been blessed to expand from housing 3-4 families to our current capacity of twenty-one families.  We will be publishing a list of needs very soon on our web site ( www.momentoftruthministries.org ) as our focus has been on remodeling (core issues within the residents) the inside before we worried about remodeling the outside.
Want to help our men’s job program by donating some gently used or purchasing some lawn equipment to upgrade some really worn equipment?  Call Bill at 210-559-5181 or we will have these needs listed on our website’s needs page by August 15th.
COMING SOON!  Watch for our “Back to School”  opportunities in the next couple of weeks as we seek to assist and encourage some really cool young students.  
Finally, please pray that GOD will continue to use Moment of Truth Ministries to touch lives while HE renews the minds and hearts of HIS people!  HE calls us to fulfill the needs of HIS people and the AWAKENING of our hearts leads us to TAKE ACTION! 
Blessed to serve JESUS with you,
Bill Morgan