Thank You!!!

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

GOD calls us to fulfill the needs of HIS people and the AWAKENING of our HEARTS LEADS us TO ACTION!

I am amazed that when I haven’t seen someone in awhile or haven’t sent an update in a couple of months on what God is doing in and through Moment of Truth Ministries, that some would ask “Are you still doing ministry work?”  I don’t know why that surprises me because for several months, after receiving a radical call from God almost seven years ago to cease building my kingdom and join HIM in working on HIS Kingdom , I wondered myself how long until it would end.  

Can I take a second to share some “real talk” as we call it in The Hood? 

What if I told people about my new found passion and sense of urgency that God was calling me to and then I returned to my life of going through the motions?  What if I allowed myself to be engulfed in something that was much bigger than I could control?  A place where lives and communities were changing and then when it began to dominate my time and my life, what would be my exit strategy?  What if I exercised the power over evil that I was given and then succumbed to the fear and or pain that accompanies that battle?  These questions which were compliments of the enemy rifled through my daily thoughts in the beginning of this journey.  The very same questions have crippled many inside and outside the church from experiencing GOD and HIS abundant life.  Terrorism or Ebola is not my fear today.  Getting distracted from my purpose and mission while allowing my heart to doze off is! 



Back to School Supply Drive : Thank you to all who participated in providing school supplies, resources designated for supplies and gift cards allowing us to procure the supplies most needed in helping make this outreach a success.  Due to lots of focus throughout our city towards giving out back packs and school supplies a week or so before school started we chose to administer our Back to School Drive a little differently.  This year we are still seeing the supplies being used in very productive ways as we empowered the teachers and counselors at two of our local elementary schools and one middle school to discern where the supplies were needed most.  Frankly, through no fault of their own, some children never make it to school with supplies that were given to them.  In addition, Thanks to Bed Bath and Beyond in San Antonio as we were blessed to provide the teachers with a Keurig Coffee Maker and an opening supply of coffee.  This is proof that we can take the love and hope of Christ in to areas that no longer outwardly welcome it!

House Raising Project:  In the “good ole days” whenever a new neighbor moved into an area, the families that lived in the community would gather for a “house raising”.  Everyone pitched in doing what they could to ensure the new family was able to move in as soon as possible.  As a result, the home went up in no time!  After prayerfully and actively studying and adjusting our housing discipleship and mentoring ministry, we sensed God was ready to increase our impact.  

Back in April Moment of Truth Ministries launched a “house raising” that would increase our ability to provide a home for 22 families up from our current capacity of 5 families.  We asked those of you that we had mailing addresses for to consider ‘pitching in” to help us pursue a 3 year goal to raise $495,000.  In just over six months you have responded with gifts and investments in this Kingdom initiative totaling $382,000.  Due to God’s provisions through you, we are way ahead of schedule and currently have completed and placed 14 total families in safe and affordable housing.  In fact, by October 5 (last Sunday and the last day to be on time with the rent) we received all rents from 13 of the 14 families with the 14th family being current by October 8.  Folks, ask any landlord, slumlord or other in The Hood and they will tell you, that is a miracle in itself!  Relationships, accountability and responsibility are GREAT gifts from GOD!

If you would like to participate and pitch in towards the “house raising” blessing or simply contact us for more information, please go online at or call us at 210-212-6007 and we would be blessed to send you a package. 

Affordable Christmas: How can we give dignity and gifts this Christmas?  Moment of Truth Ministries, God’s House and S.A. Heals have partnered to gather gifts from our San Antonio and surrounding communities and make them available to families in need at 10-15% of the retail purchase price.  MOTM’s Kingdom Works Community Store will facilitate a shopping day where parents in need will be invited to shop and provide affordable gifts to their own.  We are starting early so we can be ready to take advantage of the early bird specials in Christmas shopping!  This is a great way to get your church, organization or small group to serve together by hosting a toy drive or volunteering at the actual sale on Saturday, December 20th from 1 pm to 6 pm at EASTSIDE FELLOWSHIP (1212 N. Gevers Street) 

Happy Birthday Jesus Party:  Saturday, December 20th from 10 am to 12 noon at GOD”S HOUSE FAITH CHURCH (703 Dakota Street).  This will be the seventh year that Moment of Truth Ministries and God’s House have hosted this special outreach to provide gifts for children who in many cases will have no Christmas besides this party.  This is a celebration that you will not want to miss!  More details to follow!!

Kingdom Works Community Store:  Thanks to so many of you for donating your gently used clothes, furniture, household items and good working appliances!  You really should visit our stores at 1730 E. Commerce Street and 7 Daisy Lane in Boerne and say hello to our special ladies.  Truly a church outside the walls of the church! 210-212-6007 

Finally, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  We could not do what we do if we had to spend all of our time asking for support, assistance and promoting a ministry!  There is one final thing we will ask for.  We saved the biggest need for last!  PLEASE PRAY for us and ask God to give us strength, hold us accountable and responsible.  Most of all, ask HIM to continue to pour out HIS love and hope!

 Blessed to serve JESUS with you,

Bill Morgan

Moment of Truth Ministries

210-212-6007 or 210-559-5181 cell